Employee Care

We are committed to taking care of employees and creating a warm and secure work environment for employees. We also uphold the Company's ethical corporate management principles with the aim of helping employees grow with YFY Consumer Products which is founded on integrity, trustworthiness, and innovation.

Human Rights Policy

The Company strictly abides by local labor regulations and supports and recognizes the values enshrined in international conventions such as the “United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, “United Nations Global Compact”, and the “International Labour Organization’s Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy”. We established the Company’s Human Rights Policy in accordance with its guiding principles to ensure fair and dignified treatment for related personnel.

The Company is committed to respecting human rights policies in recruitment, management, and development of employees. The specific implementation measures are set forth below. All employees must receive training on human rights policies.

Comply with relevant laws and regulations and provide a healthy and safe work environment
Ban on child labor and forced labor
Diversity and inclusion to prevent illegal discrimination
Ethical management, integrity, and anti-corruption
Create smooth communication channels and provide complaint mechanisms

Occupational Safety and Health

We value employees’ safety and health and we improve the work environment and reduce the occurrence of occupational hazards to achieve our goal of “zero harm”.

We established a dedicated committee to take charge of implementing the Occupational Safety and Health Policy.

The plants also established the Occupational Safety and Health Committee which convenes regular meetings to review and adjust occupational safety and health promotion plans. Employees can also participate in making occupational safety and health decisions through labor representatives to ensure that the occupational safety and health policies meet the needs of onsite employees and protect the safety and health of all employees.

Introduction of the occupational safety management with international certification

The plants have passed the international certification for the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System. YFYCPG introduced and converted to the Health, Safety and Environmental Management System which serves as one of the ten pillars of the YFY Excellence System (YES).
We established the 6KE (key element) operation management system for plant operations and procedures and assigned dedicated employees to serve as "Safety Pillar Coordinators". We provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills and rigorously require the full participation of all employees.

Introduction of human factors and ergonomics design

We actively use related design tools, machinery, work methods, and work environment designed based on human factors and ergonomics to eliminate human-factor hazards, prevent human-factor harm, and avoid musculoskeletal injuries from repetitive use of muscles in operations.
These measures also increase the safety, comfort, and efficiency of employees. In 2015, Ching Shui mill began providing fatigue prevention floor mats for employees on the mini-package tissue paper production line and boxed tissue paper production line who are required to stand for extended periods during work. The mats reduce the pressure on employees' feet by more than 50%.

Workplace health promotion

We regularly organize health examinations and appoint medical personnel at each operation site. They track the health conditions of employees in accordance with the results of the health examinations and serve as health consultation service providers. With enhanced workplace health promotion activities, we have created different types of health management and health promotion activities and encouraged employees to adopt healthy lifestyles. We seek to create a happy and healthy workplace environment for employees to enjoy work in order to improve the employees' health conditions and increase work quality.
We have received the "Sports Enterprise Certification" from the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education, "Healthy Workplace Certification Health Promotion Mark" from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and "Excellent Healthy Workplace" certification from the Health Promotion Administration. We received the Award for Workplace Innovation for the outstanding implementation results that were recognized by the government.

Employee Care

Employees are the most important assets of the Company. We seek to create a friendly work environment and improve the human resource system to ensure that the Company and employees grow together and share the profits.


YFYCPG Human Resources Department plans comprehensive employee care programs, including talent development, training, performance management, salary and remuneration management, gender equality, and employee satisfaction surveys. We also hold regular employee communication meetings to explain the Company’s goals and management strategies.


To create a friendly workplace with 360-degree comprehensive care for employees, we have introduced the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), promoted gender equality, and advocated maternal care. We have established a comprehensive salary and benefits system and provide diversified leisure activities for employees to help them balance work and family life.

Employee Benefits Measures

YFY Consumer Products provides employees with a comfortable, safe and friendly work environment and values employee health. Regular employee physical checkups are held. Non-scheduled company trips, family days, artistic and cultural events and diverse club activities are held to help employees balance work with life.

Overview of benefits

Remuneration and bonuses:
Sound salary structure, annual performance bonuses, employee bonus and stock option.


Medical insurance and healthcare:
Employee group insurance, employee physical checkups, labor insurance and health insurance and employee family insurance.


Thoughtful welfare systems:
Birthdays/festival coupons and gifts, subsidies for employee vacation, subsidies for cultural activities, incentives for participation in sports activities, massages by the visually impaired, discounts of company products, and gifts for celebrating marriage/pregnancy/childbirth.

The Company established the “Employee Retirement Regulations” in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act. We allocate a suitable ratio of the total salary in the form of “pension reserve” to the Bank of Taiwan in accordance with the Labor Standards Act each month for employees eligible for the old system. For employees who opt for or are enrolled under the new system, we make a contribution equivalent to 6% of the monthly salary to the employees’ personal accounts at the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

.Chinese New Year bonus, Worker’s Day, and birthday gifts

.Subsidies for weddings, funerals, child birth, hospitalization, disability, and self-improvement activities

.Scholarships for employees’ children, and on-the-job training incentives

.Preschool educational books for employees and free subscription to monthly publications and magazines

.Retiree appreciation

.Business trip allowance

.Employee of the year and senior awards

.Group insurance for employees and their dependents

.Medical rooms in plants to ensure the occupational safety and health of employees

.Regular medical check-ups that exceed requirements of the Labor Health Protection Regulations

Leisure activities for employees:

.Employee club activities

.Employee birthday celebrations, sports competition, and travel activities

.Recreational facilities and audio-visual entertainment equipment in plants

Comprehensive retirement plan

The Company enacted the “Labor Retirement Regulations” and established the Supervisory Committee of Workers’ Pension Reserve Funds to take care of employees’ life after retirement. We allocate reserve funds for the old pension system to a special account in the Bank of Taiwan based on actuary calculation results each year to protect labor rights.


The Company also adopted the Labor Pension Act (new labor pension system) on July 1, 2005 and allocate an amount equivalent to 6% of the respective workers’ wage range to the employees’ individual pension accounts. For those that voluntarily pays additional pension, the Company deducts amounts based on the voluntary appropriation rate from the salary to the dedicated personal pension account at the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

The contents of the YFY’s “Labor Retirement Regulations” are as follows:

.Calculation of the years of service and pension:


(1) Employees’ years of service shall be calculated starting from the date of employment and the years of service before and after the implementation of the Labor Standards Act and the years of service after the implementation of the Labor Pension Act shall be combined for calculation. The duration shall be based on the years of actual continuous service in this Company.


(2) The years of service of employees assigned to affiliated enterprises to provide services or transferred from affiliated enterprises to the Company to provide services shall be combined for calculation.


(3) Where an employee is employed by the Company and an affiliated enterprise and applies for retirement in accordance with regulations, the total pension payment amount shall be calculated based on the ratio of the number of months served in each company and paid by the companies.



.Status of YFY’s appropriation of labor pension reserve in 2020


(1) Year-round appropriation: NT$6,034 thousand.


(2) Balance of assets at the end of the year: NT$93,398 thousand.